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عضو جديد
Rickshaw Man is REVERSAL and can give buy or sell forex signals
1. No (or a VERY small) real body
2. The open and close are at or very close to the middle of the candle
3. This means the upper and lower shadows are equal in length
4. A reversal pattern in an uptrend or a downtrend

Inside the Rickshaw Man pattern
The final pattern of this triumvirate is the marvellously named Rickshaw Man. This is a
Doji with an open and close at, or very close to, the middle of the candle’s range.

Rickshaw Man profitable forex trading strategy
A Rickshaw Man is a Doji with an open and close near the middle of the candle’s
range. I have to admit it took a while to find really good examples of this pattern,
which proves that maybe it is only in here because its name has mildly amusing
connotations of confused men carting Rickshaws around, unable to work out which
direction to take next! I wouldn’t devote too much time in the pursuit of the perfect
Rickshaw Man; there are better ways to spend your time .
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